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We offer a dynamic selection of classes to fit your needs.

Find out what works for you! 

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Class Descriptions


Are you a beginner looking to try Yoga for the first time? Has it been a while since you've taken out your mat? Look no further! These classes are designed for anyone and everyone, making it a great place to start, or continue, your yoga journey. Our welcoming and inclusive environment ensures that everyone, no matter what their experience level is, feels comfortable and confident in their practice. Come and join us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling energized and relaxed.


Gentle Flow

This class leads students through a variety of poses to create body and breathe awareness and improve  balance, flexibility, and strength. This practice is excellent for those relatively new to yoga or for those that enjoy a slow paced, calming practice.

Yoga Class

Intro to Yoga

New to yoga? This class is geared toward beginners looking to build familiarity with yoga. Practices are gentle and approachable. We’ll cover yoga terminology, work on fundamental postures, and bust yoga myths! Everyone is welcome. No experience needed.

Laughing Yoga

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. Benefits of chair yoga include improved flexibility, reduced stress and joint pain.

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique used to help you relax at a deep level and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. The practice will begin with gentle stretches followed by Yoga Nidra. You will be guided through a relaxing meditation practice while in a resting position. At this deep level of rest and awareness you can release muscular, emotional and mental tensions. Yoga Nidra leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and connected.

Couple Meditating

Yin Yoga

Known as the quiet practice, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Postures are held for three to five minutes which gives the body an opportunity to open and release tension from deeper tissues. This form of yoga is a great complement to more dynamic and active practices.

kids meditating

Kids Yoga

This yoga class delivers fun story based yoga for children aged from 8 to 11 years old. Classes combine yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques with imaginative and creative stories and games to provide a fully inclusive and non-competitive complete form of exercise for the children.

Yoga Teacher

Back & Hips

This class targets the low back and hips to help relieve discomfort, unease and tightness in these common problem areas. Expect a slower pace, with a combination of slow flowing movement and held postures to facilitate a deep release. Suitable for all levels and perfect for anyone who struggles with tight hips, sore back or related conditions such as piriformis syndrome (sciatica).

Yoga Friends

Spa Yoga

Treat yourself to sweet stretches, gentle movement and a whole lot of self-love. One part slow flow, one part restorative, all relaxation. This class will leave your heart open and your body relaxed. Open to everyone.

Yoga Class for all Ages


Restorative yoga is designed to rest and restore the body and mind. This slow-paced class focuses on resting in supported yoga postures for longer periods of time, to help calm the nervous system and relax your body. A wonderful way to feel rested, calm and grounded. No experience is required.


Our All-Levels classes offer the perfect balance of challenge and ease. Designed to be approachable to most students, these classes combine deep stretching with gentle strength building. Some yoga experience is recommended. Modifications will be offered for varying levels of experience. 

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Stretch & Strengthen

This practice combines stretching and strengthening postures with breath work. You will develop your balance, flexibility and strength and leave class feeling more easeful.

Yoga Class

All-Levels Flow

Connect to your breath and have some fun! Vinyasa flow is a beautiful way to energize both your body and your mind. Nourishing and active, expect a full-body balanced class.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Early to Rise

The perfect start to your day! Get your body moving with this all-levels flow and stretch class. This class combines slow flow with a wide range of poses to get your body mobilized for a healthy start. Suitable for all levels.  This is a 6-week pre-registered series.


Our All-Levels/Intermediate classes are perfect for those looking for a faster-paced practice that focuses on core strengthening and toning. We ensure that everyone is welcome and challenged, no matter what level of fitness you’re at. Join us for an invigorating and transformative class experience today!

Yoga Stretches

Yoga for Core

Strengthen and tone your body through yoga. Expect a well-paced, focused practice, with an emphasis on developing core and glute strength, balanced with deep and therapeutic stretches. Leave feeling both empowered and relaxed.

yoga pose

Yoga Fit

This flow class has extra focus on working the core and getting the body moving. A more vigorous practice that combines vinyasa flows with core exercises, to increase strength and stability and get your heart rate going.

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